Since a few weeks there is a new toy hanging above Bastli in the Aufenthaltsraum. It is a 112×7 dot-matrix that is IP-enabled. Now, since we are awfully short on ideas what to display, we decided to hand over control to you!

There are two ways to display things on it: Writing pixels directly to the display or using our ticker-service

The Ticker Service

The Ticker Service can be used by sending a JSON string to, e.g.
curl -d '{"text":"Hello World"}'
For your convenience: Here is a Form that does that for you:

Writing Pixel Data

You can send raw pixel data to the display via an UDP packet to port 8888. It must be 98 bytes long, with every bit corresponding to one pixel, e.g. when the tenth bit is 1, the tenth pixel in the first row is on. Be aware that due to the mounting position of the display, the image is rotated by 180 degrees.

And now: Have fun!


Do you have questions, suggestions or bug reports? Drop an email at